Frida Ruh

Frida Ruh graduated with a degree in Actuary and Corporate Finance and Banking from the Universidad Anáhuac México. She did a diploma in Fintech Business Model and one in Big Data and Data Science. As a professional, Frida is a Data Scientist for Jüsto Mx, an online supermarket that eliminates intermediaries and achieves fairer conditions with customers, suppliers, and the planet through technology. Her role is to develop the company's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning area.I'm part of Global Shapers Mexico City Hub, a community from the World Economic Forum in which she participates in the AI For Good Initiative and "Igualdad Ya" project. Independently she gives workshops and conferences to companies and communities about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Future of Work and Python.As a hobby I'm host and Co-founder of a podcast called "AI The New Sexy", which is broadcast on multiple streaming platforms, addressing the implications of Artificial Intelligence in many industries and contexts.