Priyank Hirani

Priyank received his bachelors in engineering in Electronics from BITS Pilani in India and MSc in Circuit Design from Imperial College London, where he graduated top of his class. He is a Young India Fellow from Ashoka University's flagship liberal studies & leadership diploma program and has worked with the University College London’s space research program. Currently, as the Program Lead for's Capacity Accelerator Network, Priyank strategizes and implements initiatives to democratize data and AI skills ensuring a DEI lens and enable social impact organizations to be data-driven. His interests lie in advancing the AI for Social Good, Data for Development, and Emerging Technologies landscape to bring the benefits of technology from the private sector to civil society organizations & governments.

He has diverse experiences across continents from the fields of water, health, energy, space science, technology and climate change. Earlier, he advised The Rockefeller Foundation’s Asia Regional Office on aspects of Data, Technology and Innovation and led University of Chicago's Water-to-Cloud initiative in India as its Program Director leveraging IoTs and AI modeling for water quality monitoring and its impact on human and environmental health. Priyank is a Queen's Jubilee Scholar and was invited to attend the first United Nations Youth Climate Summit in New York in 2019.