Women's Mentorship Program

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So, Artificial Intelligence.

📣 Calling all youth in the U.S.! 📣
The AI Future Lab wants to know what you think about artificial Intelligence. But instead of answering questions, we want you to get creative and share your memes!

Any young person residing in the United States. No background in technology is needed and you don’t need to be an expert in artificial intelligence.

Only 1 meme per participant

April 6, 2021

1. Do you know what AI is? If yes, share what AI is to you in a meme. If not, bruh do you live under a rock? Jk, just meme it out, if you have no clue what AI is.
2. What do you wish more of your friends knew about AI? 
3. How do you think AI has already impacted your experience growing up with technology?

You can DIY or use any one of these online meme generators:
memegenerator.net, livememe.com, memedad.com, imgflip.com/memegenerator, makeameme.org,

1st Prize - $100 Amazon Gift card
2nd Prize - $50 Amazon Gift card
3rd Prize - $25 Amazon Gift card
The top 3 winning memes will be featured on the AI Future Lab social media and shared with the Global Shapers Community.

Jianyu Gao,
AI Youth Council Member
Shalin Jyotishi, AI Future Lab Economy Working Group Lead, Senior Policy Analyst (Education and Labor) at New America, Global Shaper (Washington D.C.)
Lorny Pfeifer, AI Future Lab Co-Chair, Global Shaper, Venture Capital Investor and Data Scientist
1 Senior Leader from Industry [To be announced!]

May the best meme lord win!

Some examples of artificial intelligence like voice assistants, auto-suggestion via search or streaming services, and even social media filters
Examples of Ai technologies: 1. voice assistant 2. Filters (e.g. dog filter) in social media apps 3. Autosuggestions in web searches
This is what happens when AI makes memes....
An example of a meme generated by AI. Three windows, with the first with The Rock (actor) saying "artificial intelligence?", the second window has a little in the back of a car saying "I don't know, son", and the third window shows the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) with a confused look on his face.

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Requirements: Only 1 meme per participant. Competition is open only to youth living in the United States. Be creative and have fun!

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Women's Mentorship Program

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